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IOCI is the trusted partner for the best oncology care in Aurangabad. We deliver the highest quality cancer care in a safe environment based on the latest advancements in diagnostic and therapeutic research makes us help you stand strong in the fight against cancer

At International Oncology Cancer Institute, Aurangabad, patients are at the centre of everything we do. Our team of highly experienced oncologists specialise in the various types of cancer treatment and work along with the multidisciplinary team. Thus, our experts are able to find better treatment options, including chemotherapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy by studying gene level alterations in tumors.

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We aim to provide the best cancer treatment in the nation

1,00,000+ Cancer
Patients Treated

Driven by the latest innovations in diagnostics & specialized treatment

India's Leading
Cancer Specialists

With us, the Patients have access to the advanced cancer treatment and specialists

Excellence in
cancer treatment

With various research initiatives and holistic approach, our experts provide

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A second opinion can help patients make informed decisions related to the treatment. Moreover, they may come across some of the latest, unconventional treatment modalities they were unaware of. In some cases, the entire diagnosis may change based on a second opinion.

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