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Palliative Care: Improving Quality of Life

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For patients with critical or life-threatening cancer, palliative care is also advised to improve their quality of life. This care is meant to support curative care and address the problems faced by patients. This care aims to prevent or treat symptoms along with their side effects by providing psychological, social, and emotional support to the patient. 

At the Best Palliative Care Treatment Hospital in Noida, we are dedicated to helping cancer patients in every way possible. We understand that go from emotional and mental turmoil the moment they are diagnosed with cancer. The psychological burden becomes heavier as the patient progresses to the treatment stage. The side effects of the treatment may impact the patient emotionally and mentally. The patient may lose self-confidence and may feel inferior to others. Cancer is not only restricted to the physiological body but it impacts the entire person as a whole. Hence, our palliative care focuses on providing patients with the required support and making them feel whole. 

We strongly believe that the treatment will only be effective if the patient wants it to or feels good from the inside. 
Our palliative care includes:

  • Management of chronic pain and other symptoms
  • Compassionate counselling and support
  • Help patients and their families regarding life-prolonging therapy
  • Assistance with an advance directive such as living wills
  • Spiritual care
  • Referral to hospice
  • Bereavement services


Palliative Care at IOCI

Issues Addressed by Palliative Care

All the physical and emotional effects of cancer and its treatment vary in pa

Difference Between Palliative Care and Hospice

Palliative care can be started at any point of the cancer care right from dia


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