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Issues Addressed by Palliative Care

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All the physical and emotional effects of cancer and its treatment vary in patients Hence, palliative care is a highly individualized program which addresses patients'issues. It includes:

  • Physical care: This involves addressing symptoms such as pain, fatigue,vomiting, nausea, and so on.
  • Emotional care: This involves helping the patients and their families to deal with emotions such as depression, anxiety, fear, and so on.
  • Spiritual care: This helps the patients in finding the meaning of their lives.Some patients experience a strong connection with spiritual beliefs than others The therapy helps both patients restore their faith, and values, and reaching to a stage of acceptance.
  • Caregiver needs: The close friends or families of the patients may sometimes find it difficult to take care of the patient. Some may get overwhelmed by the responsibilities and find it difficult to manage. This therapy helps the friends and families of the patient to cope with the support they need.

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