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Cancer and Yoga

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As a part of integrated medicine. Yoga is utilized to make cancer patients feel good. The exercises help them in relaxing and coping with stress, anxiety, and depression It works by harmonizing the thoughts of cancer patients, lifting their moods, and improving their quality of life. Patients with a calm mind and relaxed body respond better to the treatments as well as reduce the side effects. The exercises even help patients to recover quickly after the surgery.

Yoga helps cancer patients by

  • Easing Fatigue: Cancer-related fatigue causes patients to go through a range of physical, emotional, and mental tiredness. Yoga helps patients in improving their fatigue during and after the treatment
  • Improves Sleep: Cancer patients usually have trouble falling asleep due to side effects. As Yoga helps calm the mind, it also ensures that the patient is falling asleep.
  • Post-surgical Recovery: The distress after the surgery can be traumatizing for some patients as it may change the way they look and feel about themselves. Stress, before and after, the surgery leads to more complications. The Yogic exercises help patients in recovering resulting in shorter hospital stays and complications
  • Reduce Side Effects: Chemotherapy has major side effects The common side effect experienced by patients is the nerve damage called peripheral neuropathy This may cause tingling or pain in the hands and feet. Yoga and meditation help patients in easing this pain and helps them relax.

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